In Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd, aptitude is the winning factor. In Master Hui's shop, you can find numerous valuable and sparkling Feng Shui items, as well as opulent jade and crystal ornaments. However, these are not as attractive as the photos of MediaCorp celebrities that are hanging on the wall. In these photos, you can find Best Actor Zheng Ge Ping and Best Actress Yvonne Lim, as well as Henry Thia, Joey Swee, Sherry Chen, Apple Hong, Edmund Chen, etc. These popular and respected celebrities are all satisfactory customers of Master Hui.
So, why do celebrities prefer to see Master Hui for Feng Shui advices? With this question in mind, I paid Master Hui a visit at his shop at Marine Parade.

Although Master Hui serves a celebrity clientele, he is a down to earth man who does what he does best with modesty. When I first met him, he was sitting at a corner of this 50-year-old shop as usual, in a conventional shirt, appearing amiable and approachable.Master Hui grew up in a Buddhist family and he followed his father's footsteps in the study of Feng Shui. His father, Grand Master Kong Tong (), who founded Victory Thailand Buddhist Articles religious goods company in 1957, used to bring the young Master Hui along whenever he went for a Feng Shui consultation at his clients' places. The young Master Hui was quick in comprehension and showed an innate intelligence towards the principles of Feng Shui. It was clear in the early stage that he was born with the wisdom and qualities needed for a career in this area, and hence he was affectionately known as "The Prince of Feng Shui". Given this appropriate environment, Master Hui began to study Feng Shui. When he was nine, he became a renunciant practitioner in Thailand and acquired his Dharma Name "Shi Hui Jie" () from his teacher. Besides learning from his father, Master Hui also trained under the tutelage of many other masters, who taught him various profound subjects such as the Buddhist doctrine, metaphysics, Bazi, Feng Shui, Numerology and the study of Chinese names.

When Master Hui was 19, he decided to further his learning and became a renunciant practitioner again. Subsequently, at the age of 39, Master Hui took a break from his busy work routine and went on a pilgrimage to Dharamsala in North India to learn Vajrayana, again serving as a renunciant practitioner.

Master Hui speaks with a good sense of humour, but when it comes to work, he is very serious and dedicated. He often goes to his clients' houses for Feng Shui surveys, explaining its theories as he works out the remedies. Master Hui does not convey superstitious believes, but chooses to combine the scientific components of Feng Shui and modern design to create a favourable environment for his clients. His friendliness and sincerity have won him a lot of praises. Since Master Hui started his Feng Shui consultancy service in 1986, he has accumulated over 20 years of experiences and is recognised and trusted because of his seniority, professionalism and capabilities.

Master Hui holds Feng Shui seminars and workshops regularly, in order to share his knowledge and let others understand more about Feng Shui. In addition, he travels often in Asia to perform Feng Shui surveys for his clients. To date, he has been to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for various Feng Shui consultation assignments.

Master Hui is a time-honoured and popular brand. He serves a vast clientele from different walks of life, who come to him for various kinds of concerns such as driving away bad luck, improving health, enhancing academic performances, stepping-up in career, and even promoting money luck. Since he started providing Feng Shui consultation services, he has always been kept busy by returning and new customers and has enjoyed roaring business.

Master Hui is frequented by celebrities not for no reasons. When MediaCorp artiste Henry Thia (also known as Hui Ge) was in the lowest point of his career, he consulted Master Hui and heed the latter's advices on Feng Shui remedies and layouts. After Master Hui taught him how to resolve the problems that he was facing, his career really changed for the better and the news was spread by word of mouth among the celebrities. Since then, many celebrities have come to Master Hui for advices.

While Master Hui performs fortune-telling for celebrities very often, Master Hui has, to a certain extent, made himself a 'celebrity' by appearing on various kinds of media as regularly as the gorgeous artistes. Master Hui contributes frequently to titles such as You-weekly, Woman's Weekly, Nuyou, Her World, Female, STYLE Living, Healthy Times, Lianhe Wanbao, Shin Min Daily, and The Straits Times, sharing his knowledge and helping readers to resolve their problems.

The fact that Master Hui is able to explain Feng Shui and Bazi in simple terms and real life examples has made his articles very easy to read, allowing people to learn more about the ancient wisdom and understand what success and true happiness about life are about. To date, Master Hui has helped celebrities such as Sherry Chen, Joey Swee, Henry Thia, Yvonne Lim, Apple Hong, Shaun Chen, Edmund Chen and Zheng Ge Ping to survey the Feng Shui at their homes, and shared his analysis on a column on Lianhe Wanbao. In his articles, Master Hui did not only comment on the Feng Shui problems at the celebrities' homes, but explained the remedies for improving different aspects, including marriage, career, health, money luck, etc. This regular column was very well-received by readers, as it is full of Feng Shui knowledge that was interesting and easy to be picked up.

In addition, Master Hui has written numerous influencing columns, including Daily Zodiac and a money luck column for Lianhe Wanbao, a Feng Shui educational column for Shin Min Daily, as well as Weekly Zodiac and a Feng Shui educational column for You-weekly. Since year 2006, Master Hui writes and publishes a Chinese Fortune Almanac each year, and the books were all sold out in Singapore and Malaysia.
Besides, Master Hui often appears as a special guest on TV programmes, to share his knowledge and explain the profound theories of Feng Shui and metaphysics.

"There are many examples of an overall improvement in my clients' life after implementing Feng Shui remedies," said Master Hui. "For instance, some of my clients enjoy better relationships with their spouses and better health, while others enjoy better businesses and their children perform better in school. Besides, some others have better money luck and even win windfalls."

Master Hui does not choose his clients but serves people from all walks of life equally. Among his clients is Mr. Thomas Ting, who once worked as a Sales Personnel at a security systems company and later started his own business after heeding Master Hui's advices. Since then, Mr. Ting has enjoyed very good business and even received "The Entrepreneur of the Year" award in 2005. On the other hand, actress Sherry Chen once suffered from serious headaches for two months continuously. After asking Master Hui for help, the pain was gone in one day. The media was hot on the heels of the news that Feng Shui could actually help to relieve pain, and that made the power and profoundness of Feng Shui known to the public. In another case, Mr. Huang Chu Yu and his family were faced with health issues and bad luck with money. After implementing Feng Shui remedies recommended by Master Hui, Mr. Huang's money luck changed completely and the family of three recovered from illnesses progressively. A happy Mr. Huang even won the 4D grand prize for four times successively in two months. Last but not least, Master Hui shared a case regarding improving academic results through Feng Shui adjustments. Ms. She Xiu Qing was a worried mother who tired all means to improve her daughter's performance in school but to no avail. After Master Hui made some adjustments so as to draw forth the beneficial effects of the "Wen Chang" position, her daughter's homework improved tremendously. Ms. She is now very relieved that her daughter is scoring the top positions in her class.

Other than providing Feng Shui makeovers to help people improve their lives, Master Hui is very active in helping the needy through charity works. As he believes in giving back to the society, he works together with a number of local charity organisations for fund raising, and these include National Kidney Foundation, Ren Ci Hospital, Kwong Wai Shui Hospital, Moral Home For Disabled, Singapore Community Nursing Home and Handicaps Welfare Association. Locally, during the Chinese New Year, Master Hui visits the elderly who live in one-room HDB flats and gives out some red packets and hampers to them, wishing them joy and happiness in the new year. Regionally, Master Hui have led charity groups to poverty regions in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Africa and China, to offer food and donations to nursing homes, orphanages, schools and the poor living in slums. When a serious flood happened in Thailand, Master Hui rendered his help at once and personally went to Thailand to join in the charity drives. The benevolent efforts that Master Hui put in were recognised by the Thai Royals and he was summoned and rewarded by Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej and his family.

When the Sichuan earthquake and Myanmar typhoon disasters happened in 2008, Master Hui raised $60,000 and donated the whole sum to the Red Cross and the Chinese Embassy respectively. Master Hui took this benevolent action based on metta and in the hope that the assistance will help to make lives easier for the victims.

In 2006, Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd was awarded the ISO9001:2000 certification, which is a quality control and assurance standard that is recognised internationally. This proves that Master Hui has achieved a world-class standard in his profession and service management in Feng Shui, and that the Hui Master brand has attained a global status and leading position in Southeast Asia.
In 2007, the development of Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd was brought forward once again, as it was awarded the Golden Brand Award and Heritage Brands Award by the International Brand Summit (IBS).
In 2009, Master Hui was invited to Beijing, China, to receive the prestigious Overseas Chinese Outstanding Achievement Award. All these illustrious awards embody recognitions and praises for Master Hui, who is certainly a pioneer among the Feng Shui practitioners in Singapore in receiving honours worldwide.

Feng Shui is a very special trade. While Master Hui believes that destiny is in one's hand, he recognises that one can make use of Feng Shui remedies to improve one's fate, fortune, health and love life, at all points in life. Master Hui emphasises on a Chinese proverb: "The land where a good person lives is a land of happiness and on each land of happiness lives a good person". It goes to say that man and his environment relate to and affect each other and Feng Shui alone would not change a person's life if he does not change for good. Master Hui thinks that one who acts in kindness towards others will naturally be rewarded with good things and get to know the right people, who will be able to offer him assistance. This is because being compassionate and doing good deeds are the basic principles of leading a meaningful life, as well as the foundational requirements of humanity. By being generous and giving, one is connected with the objectives of Buddhism and will be able to live in harmony with the will of Heaven, and good fortune will follow.

Always striving for excellence, Master Hui will continue to provide first-class Feng Shui services for his clients. Backed up by 50 years of achievements of his father and 20 years of experiences in Feng Shui consultation, Master Hui is certainly an expert who is making himself and Singapore proud. He has also put in a lot of efforts in building up Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd, which has grown to be an international brand under his leadership.As Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd adopts modern scientific theories and management strategies as its approach, it will definitely propel the development of the Feng Shui industry to the next level.

Master Hui believes that as the school of Feng Shui develops and matures, living standards will be improved and this in turn will promote a more harmonious and stable society, which will be beneficial for progress and growth.

A brief introduction about Master Hui:

  • Inherited a Feng Shui business of 50 years
  • More than 20 years of experiences in Feng Shui consultation
  • Attained ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • Conferred the Golden Brand Award by IBS
  • Conferred the Heritage Brands Award
  • Conferred the Overseas Chinese Outstanding Achievement Award
  • Works as the Feng Shui consultant for various enterprises and organisations
  • TV celebrities' favourite Feng Shui master
  • Contributes "Daily Zodiac" for Lianhe Wanbao
  • Contributes "U Zodiac" for You-weekly
  • Contributes "Money luck and You" for Lianhe Wanbao
  • Contributes "Feng Shui classroom" for Shin Min Daily
  • Contributes "U Feng Shui" for You-weekly
  • Interviewed for Feng Shui advices on “Tab TV” programme on Channel 5, MediaCorp TV
  • Interviewed for Feng Shui advices on "On the beat" programme, Channel U, MediaCorp TV
  • Appeared on "Lunar New Year Eve’s Special 2009" programme on Channel 8, MediaCorp TV, to discuss the fortune for the 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs in the new year
  • Invited by established organisations to give Feng Shui talks and courses
  • First "Good Will Ambassador of Feng Shui" in Singapore who organises charity activities throughout the year
  • First Feng Shui Master in Singapore to design copyright Feng Shui items
  • First Feng Shui Master in Singapore who was called in by the Thai Royals
  • The Feng Shui Master who has the largest number of testimonials by satisfied clients
  • The Feng Shui Master who is very approachable and affordable, and has always been highly commended and respected
  • Has written and published the very popular annual series, Chinese Fortune Almanac, since 2006

Professional services include

  • Modern Feng Shui interior design (Residential)
  • Modern Feng Shui interior design (Commercial)
  • Choosing name for newborn
  • Changing of name
  • Fortune telling
  • Bazi reading
  • Choosing auspicious dates (for marriage, moving in or opening of business)
  • Choosing dates for caesarean
  • Placement of Buddha statue at home and the consecration ceremony
  • Groundbreaking ceremony
  • Prayers for improving popularity, money luck and clearing obstacles
  • Consecration for Feng Shui items
  • Tibetan dZi bead that matches one's Bazi
  • Feng Shui seminars and courses


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